Gazelle | Rule sckdnyaspcmdplvv: The bot is called "bla" or "blubb". => statement


The bot is called "bla" or "blubb".
=> statement


in = statement
made for rule jreyznkdqifzrfku
in 2 = statement
[anon] blub

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Duplicate rule. Comment patterns.


Line Mapping Context
the reason is to show something glorious {"\"bla\""="show", "\"blubb\""="glorious", "bot"="reason", "called"="to", "or"="something"} discord msg 606641863373488129
the bot has some passive aggressive traits {"\"bla\""="passive", "\"blubb\""="traits", "called"="some", "is"="has", "or"="aggressive"} discord msg 606887015987806208
the company is everything, we are nothing {"\"bla\""="we", "\"blubb\""="nothing", "bot"="company", "called"="everything", "or"="are"} discord msg 609360695426940948
the bot is still a bit dumb �� {"\"bla\""="a", "\"blubb\""="dumb", "called"="still", "or"="bit"} discord msg 610764859935555604